HVAC Services

Our service division provides complete peace of mind when it comes to the health, safety, compliance, integrity, reliability, uptime maintainability and efficiency of HVACR facilities, equipment and operations. Our experienced teams of highly skilled and specially trained engineers and technicians are available 24/7 for a dedicated support or call off basis to execute all types of work scopes.

  • Compliance service & testing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Integrity reviews
  • System performance checks
  • Refrigeration leak detection systems
  • Refrigerant system conversions
  • Commissioning and air balancing
  • Spares supply

HVAC Service Contracting (AMC)

Bin Shehab International Company has a customized software supported maintenance management (SSMM) program, which requires only an initial data entry of the customer details along with the equipment model and serial number, which will automatically be supervised by the SSMM to give periodic intimation to our maintenance control personnel.

Our maintenance management system will support each designated service team to conduct a periodical technical review of all equipment based on designed operating ranges to develop a maintenance schedule for each equipment.

We customize maintenance programs to meet a wide spectrum of needs from routine monthly inspections to annual preventive services on major components. Each routine inspection will be entered in the computer maintenance management system in a custom format specific to your equipment that allows our technicians to get a history of your equipment.

Routine vibration analysis, system balancing inspections will be done at frequent intervals on all major equipment, for this we include a number of inspection visits per year. We have 3 types of Annual maintenance contracts to cater your needs.

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Contract:
    A fully comprehensive maintenance contract with highly skilled technicians and operators at site with an all parts replacement basis.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Contract:
    A semi comprehensive maintenance contract with highly skilled technicians available on request basis with all parts replacement or labor only basis.
  • Instant Request Maintenance Agreement:
    An instant request maintenance and repairing agreement for the equipment which is registered in our maintenance management databank as guest equipment will have a preference in our services and pricing for the entire repairing including the replacement of parts and consumables.

A computer aided control room backs our maintenance contracts with fully equipped vehicles and a team of technically qualified personnel, all connectable instantly by means of mobile telephones.